What is Lampworking?

Lampworking is a discipline of glassforming that involves melting and shaping glass using a very hot flame torch. For more detailed information about lampworking and making of lampworked beads, please refer to my introductory blog post.

Lampworked Jewelry

I picked up glass lampworking after taking one informal class at the local Third Degree Glass Factory, and have been primarily self taught ever since. I have a full featured glass studio with a completely ventilated hood, large digital kiln, and beautiful collection of glass. Please click "About my Lampworking Studio" for a photographic tour of my studio work space.

Because of the desire to showcase my artisan glass beads, I started learning jewelry techniques like wire wrapping and basic metalwork. I am constantly learning and developing my style, and I anticipate my work will be constantly evolving!

All of the glass beads in my shop are handmade by me, using a propane/oxygen torch to melt and shape rods of glass in the flame. All of the finished jewelry features my own original handmade beads, and are individual wire wrapped or strung by myself. All of the wirework and metalwork, pretty much every step is handmade. Each jewelry piece is one of a kind! All of my work is beautifully crafted and cared for in my home in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I hope you enjoy this showcase of my artisan glass beads below! If you like my beads and jewelry and are interested in purchasing, please visit my Jewelry Store. I hope something catches your eye!

I also have an Etsy Store that I have named the Sunspot Glass Shop! However, it is not regularly used. I've been planning on hosting all of my jewelry and beads here at my personal website. You can check it out in case I have some products there, but probably they will still be duplicated on my own website Jewelry store.