About My Lampworking Studio

I have always been immersed in arts and crafts, and spent a lot of time dabbling in a variety of different media from the time I was very young. My passion for glass began after I took one lampworking class at the local glass studio, and from then on I was hooked! I immediately invested in a beginner setup, but have since upgraded all of my equipment and bought more glass than I could possibly use as my interest in glass grew and grew!

I have been primarily self taught, and invested a great deal of time into learning many different glass techniques. My glass bead repertoire includes big hole beads that fit European charm or Troll bracelets, silver glass beads, copper inclusion beads, wire inclusion beads, 3D flower beads, and organic beads, among many other styles. I hope my effort shows in my pieces, and I hope to constantly improve!

All of the lampwork beads in my shop are handmade by me using a propane/oxygen triple mix GTT Lynx torch to melt and shape rods of glass in the flame. All beads are annealed in a digital firebrick bead annealer kiln from Glasshive to ensure maximal strength and longevity of each bead. After annealing, each bead is thoroughly cleaned by hand to leave a professional finish. Every step is done with the utmost care and attention to detail using only the finest quality materials. All of my work is beautifully crafted and cared for in my home in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I work with many different brands of high quality glass, including Effetre/Moretti, Creation is Messy, Vetrofond, Reichenbach, Double Helix, Precision 104, and Bullseye. I have been dabbling in Northstar and Momka's borosilicate glass as well, and hope to develop a line of boro sculptures in the near future!

I love incorporating special effects in my glass beads, and enjoy using reactive silver laden glass, goldstone, aventurine, enamels, pixie dust, and a variety of metals. Using metal in glass is one of my current favorite designs, and I simply love the look of copper, brass, or fine silver encased in glass. It just adds so much interest and uniqueness to the glass. I incorporate metals into my work in many different forms, including fine gauge wire, frit, metal foil, or metal mesh.

I have begun designing jewelry primarily to showcase my glass beads, as I like the finished look that jewelry provides. All of the finished jewelry features my own original handmade beads, and are individual wire wrapped or strung by myself. All of the wirework and metalwork, pretty much every step is handmade. Each jewelry piece is one of a kind!

I ventured into upcycled glass as a way to play with glass whenever I could not torch. All of the bottles are scored to create very precise breaks in the glass. All sharp edges are sanded smooth and shaped. The glass is etched into unique patterns using an acid etching cream with my original handmade stencils. This line of upcycled glass includes etched glass tumblers, shot glasses, mobiles, windchimes, and other glass crafts all made from your favorite beer or wine bottles. I'm always on the lookout for interesting shaped bottles!

I hope you found this informative. If you have any questions about the process of producing any of my work, please don't hesitate to ask for more details! I hope you enjoy browsing through everything I have to offer!

Michel Sun, Sunspot Glass Shop!