Wedding Dresses

Wedding Planning - Wedding Location and Dresses!

Hey thanks for all your comments! I know it was a lot of information I threw at you guys. 

I think I will go with Dean Sanderson, since I like him as much as the more expensive photographers. Julie- you have a really good eye. I contacted the other two you mentioned earlier (Moments that Matter and La Luna) since I also thought they looked good, but they are both fairly expensive. 

I think I am going to pick the Occidental. I haven't confirmed it yet, but they have availability on October 4, and I will try to book that. I emailed the wedding coordinator there, and they have a wedding location by a small Mayan ruin next to the ocean. I think it is a really pretty and unique setting. 

Here is a picture looking towards the small ruin

Here is a view from the other side looking towards the ocean. It is on a small cliff, so there is no real beach here though. I don't think I like the canopy, I think it looks better without. 

I guess one issue is that this location will not have shade. But I am planning on having a late afternoon wedding, maybe an hour before sunset, so it won't be direct sun. And the ceremony itself should be short, so hopefully people won't get too hot? 

Wedding dress!

I went to my first wedding dress store this weekend! I decided I like really simple dresses with a nice line. The material should be soft and flowy, and I found that I like "chiffon" the best. It seems to flow really well, and is very light. I like the dresses that are very simple, with minimal embellishment, minimal lace, etc. I like ones with a short train.I also prefer to have little cap sleeves, since I feel uncomfortable in the strapless dresses :-p 

Here are some samples of the style I like.

It's so overwhelming looking at wedding dresses! It is pretty fun though. 

Depending on the style of the dress, I might wear it with a red sash around the waist, tied in the back, with the ends trailing down the back of the dress. 

You guys can feel free to help me look for similar style dresses. Nothing too elaborate or too showy though. 

In China, red is a lucky color, and wedding dresses are red, so I definitely want to incorporate some red. I haven't really thought about the invitations and bridesmaid dresses or anything yet, but I'd probably want to incorporate some red accents. Other than that I don't have anything specific in mind. I'm sure Julie will do a great job on the invitations. I'll try to make a list of people to invite, but it will probably be mostly your family and Jeremy's friends/our mutual friends. I'm expecting only my brother and parents on my side.